Daily Archives: December 26, 2013


7:30AM arrived airport, checked-in and still have chill time for a coffee.20140106_921429

Arrived safely at our destination for the day.20140106_921430

Our car for the next 5 days.                       20140106_921431

Hotel view                                                      20140106_921432

Breakfast                                                              20140106_921433

Walked around the place before moving to our next activity.20140106_921434

Right outside the Marakoopa Cave – Mole Creek. 20140106_921435

Surrounded by greens                                                               20140106_921436

Inside the cave now, and this cave has a glow-worm room.20140106_921437

The temperature of the cave is always 9 degree.20140106_921438

Heading the the glow-worm room now, unfortunately cannot take photos .20140106_921439

My Mr. Photographer                                 20140106_921440

Melita Honey Farm – Free Honey Tasting & Honey Museum.20140106_921441


I ordered Pistachio & Leatherwood ice cream. Leatherwood tasted so good!20140106_921443

Honey & Bee                                                    20140106_921444

Most of the restaurants were closed and the ones that were open 99% were booked out, looked around for an hour and finally found a Thai restaurant. 20140106_921445