Monthly Archives: April 2014

Only Tuesday

So tired of going to work 5 days a week…guess the long drive contributed greatly to my tiredness.                                               IMG_8017

Luckily have Mr. Choi around.         IMG_8019

The only thing that cheers me up from work days is a nice breakfast from Fandango. IMG_8023

Yummy Egg and Bacon Sandwich.IMG_8024

Ora Cafe

Mr. Choi is ready for some nice food to get into his tummy. IMG_7992

Latte $3.50AUD                                     IMG_7994

Chai Latte $4.00AUD                          IMG_7996

Wanted to order the Walnut Eggs, but apparently, it was not in the Winter Menu. Ora Cafe has 4 different menus for the 4 seasons. So I tried the Sesame coated Prawn Toast instead. The taste was really so-so I think. But little pricey. IMG_8001

Mr. Choi ordered the Crab & Corn Fritters, it was again so-so too. But the place was full of people. Guess there’s something about the place that we just not know yet. IMG_8002

My Honey Pot is Back!

Mr. Choi is finally back from overseas and he brought me 3 boxes of hearts. Love these palmiers to bits.                                 IMG_7963


Lunchtime, we are going to have 煲仔飯.IMG_7967

XO Fish Pot Rice is always good. Mr.  Choi ordered a beef one. But we both agreed the fish was better.                                                       IMG_7972

Korean Pork Belly Dinner                  IMG_7975

Last Day of Work!

Start the day with a nice and full breakfast from Fandango, which is right next to Auction Room.                                                       IMG_7938

Look at those cheese! *D.R.O.O.L.* Fried egg and bacon with cheese, spinach and homemade tomato relish on toasted sourdough.IMG_7940

The size of the sandwich is so big. IMG_7942

Dinner at Miku Japanese Dining with Mum. IMG_7946



Dessert is Macarons from Cacao.IMG_7951