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Dandelion Latte

Mr. Choi has been very much into Dandelion Latte recently. And besides Fandango, I have no idea where else also has Dandelion Latte on their menu…hopefully, I will come across one soon.

Long time no J-Cafe, today after work, we went to get some mochi and sushi burgers. I am holding the Hamburger sushi burger, and we also bought the Salmon Aburi.  Nom Nom Nom.                                                             IMG_8474


Today we had 三杯雞 and coconut rice for lunch. I know I have said this many times, but I just have to say it again that I love their TARO RING ‘a.k.a. 芋頭圈’. And Mr. Choi is a fan of the coconut rice.                                       IMG_8463

Quote of the Day:

It’s not who you are that holds you back, it’s who you think you’re not.


This is my regular breakfast now. Bacon and Egg Sandwich from Fandango $12.50AUD. Very full and yummy! Highly recommended!IMG_8456

Dinner at ChangGo tonight. The 8 Flavor Pork Belly BBQ.IMG_8459


Dessert at Dessert Story. Super full and content! Wish today was FRIDAY!IMG_8462

Wedding vow 結婚誓詞

I was browsing the internet and then came across with the wedding vow scene from『On Call 36小時』. Title: 一健向子妤宣讀結婚誓詞, episode. 24, it goes like this:

我張一健願以你范子妤, 為我合法妻子. 無論富貴貧窮, 快樂悲傷, 健康疾病, 都願意一生一世愛你, 守護你, 終生不渝.

你還禉豫什麼? 擔心我會後悔? 擔心我是一時衝動? 擔心我要一輩子照顧你? 結婚誓詞, 如果只是循例唸出來是沒有意義的, ​​必須實踐出來.

年輕時漂亮健康, 當然愛. 但當對方年紀漸大, 又老又有皺紋, 病痛越來越多, 甚至眼看對方老死, 難道就不愛了嗎? 既然將來不會離棄對方, 現在也應該一樣. 如果因為對方有病就不愛他, 就不是真正的愛.

沒人知道生命的長短, 即使我們是醫生, 也不能保證自己長命百歲. 所以結婚誓詞沒說要保證白頭偕老, 郤要保證無論健康疾病都要在一起, 你懂嗎?

范子妤, 我再問你一次, 無論健康疾病, 你願意和我不離不棄, 終生不渝嗎?

Here is a link to the clip if anyone wants to re-watch the scene. Click here. I think the monologue was very well-written and was trying to find out who wrote the script for the scene. Unfortunately, no luck. However, some viewers claimed this wedding vow was copied from some other TV drama and TVB just merely translated in Chinese…



La Porchetta

Tonight’s dinner is La Porchetta take away! We ordered Focaccia with cheese, Pesto Pasta, Mushroom Pasta, Lasagna and Bowl of Wedges.IMG_8398


For supper, we had our all time favourite McDonald. This little girl was very tired and sleepy and yet refused to go to bed and rest.IMG_8400