Daily Archives: May 4, 2014


We have been saying wanting to try  out the 飯糰 (痴飯) and 豆漿 from 阿居师 for nearly 2 years, but we never act on it. So, today we decided to drive the long drive and get the 飯糰 and 豆漿 we always wanted.                                                        IMG_8100

The 飯糰 / 痴飯 was okay, I have tried better ones. Too much rice and prefer to have more fillings. But the price was very cheap, only a few dollars. IMG_8102

We also ordered some other dishes. The dumplings was okay, better than they looked. The soy milk was okay too. The 蔥油餅was so-so. But price wise, it was very cheap. I think all of these together was around $15.00AUD.IMG_8106