Daily Archives: May 9, 2014


My breakfast for the day. I ordered the Pesto Scrambled Eggs with Bacon $19.00AUD. The portion was quite large. Actually, all dishes from Fandango are quite big, and all taste very good!                                                        IMG_8153

Arrived office early, so that I can finish the last episodes of My Love from the Star 來自星星的你. I would say it is a nice watch, something light, funny, and slightly-sad to watch to kill your free time. But it was def. not a WOW one for me. The media were too over the top promoting this drama and how so many people were all crazy raving about this drama disappointed me. It was a good watch but not a super duper second to none TV drama.IMG_8155

Dessert! We have desserts all the way from LaManna Direct tonight. Thanks to my dearest friend, Miss Tam the kitchen mama.IMG_8158

This little lady flew over 4600 miles to play with us for the next couple of days. To keep our house fun and busy.                              IMG_8160