Daily Archives: June 6, 2014

Warra Warra Korean Kitchen

Here comes one of my favourite ‘F’ words, it’s F.R.I.D.A.Y.!001

Mr. Choi said we should have something nice today. So, we decided to check out this Korean Kitchen, Warra Warra, with over 90% likes.                        003


This was okay, little spicy beef japchae. Haven’t had japchae for so long as Mr. Choi does not like japchae, so I’d have to finish the whole dish by myself.004

This was nice! It was beef and mushroom. We KO-ed this in seconds. 005

This was so-so, I think, because the pork was little dry.                   006

This was okay. Because this came last, and when I tasted it I was so full already. 007

I think the food was quite good, as in general you could taste/feel there are lots of MSG in Korean food, but with this one, I was not thirsty at all. The portion of the dish was quite big and I couldn’t finish the japchae / pancake on my own. So in terms of money value, you’d be pleased with this place.                                   008