Daily Archives: June 17, 2014

Punch Lane

Dinner at Punch Lane tonight.           001

With my love ones, Mr. Choi & Mum.                                002


We were surrounded by hundreds of wines; this was just a small part of the collection.004

We ordered the Five Course Tour of the Punch Lane Menu; put ourselves in the chef’s hands. This was the soup before pouring the creamy soup in.                                                             A001

Yummy soup                                              A005

Boneless Chicken Wing with carrots. B001


Snapper Fish combo-ed with some vegetables C003

Delicious beef                                          D002


Dessert No. 1                                             E002

Dessert No. 2                                           E004

Dessert No. 3                                             E009

Although the portion of each dish was quite small, we were quite full at the end. Mainly because it took us 2 hours to finish the course, so we ate very slowly; letting the stomach to feel / digest the food. In between each dish, there was time for us to have some water or drinks, so, eventually, we didn’t need to eat a lot in order to be full.

The quality of the food was very high and the atmosphere was great too. Although the price for the Five Course Tour was little high, it was worthwhile.