Daily Archives: June 21, 2014

Snow Pony

Have not been to Snow Pony for quite a long time, so today we decided to visit this place again.                                                            0002




Chai Latte                                                     0008

Cappuccino                                                    0010

Latte                                                            0012



Toasted banana bread w/ maple syrup mascarpone, fresh banana, berry compote + crushed pistachio. Still tasted very good!                                     0013

Smashed avocado w/ thyme buttered mushrooms, marinated feta + torn basil on wholegrain toast with poached egg. The toasts were too small and thin. I like nice, thick and large toasts these days.                 0016


Giddy Up – poached eggs, bacon, slow roasted tomato, avocado + thyme buttered mushies. Still good, but again the toasts were not good enough.                                                        0022

This was my third or fourth time to Snow Pony, besides the changes in the interior and layout of the store, the price and the portion of the dishes changed a bit too. The prices were slightly higher than before and yet the portion of the food was smaller. 0025

Quote of the Day:

I am really particular with whom I allow into my frequency these days.