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Home Cooking

Invited 2 chefs, Master Chef Ho and Tam, to our house today to feed our tummies with great food.                                                               IMG_9414





A meal for 6 people                                  IMG_9424

Dessert 1:  Lemon & Sugar crepe and Nutella crepe IMG_9426

Dessert 2: Cookies and Milk Chocolate Cream Mousse (failed) IMG_9427

Scarvelli Cafe

Our brunch place of the day.                001




Chai Latte                                                     005

Latte                                                                   007

Wagyu Beef Burger – house-made wagyu beef patty, bacon mayonnaise, Jack cheese, cos lettuce, red onion, fresh tomato & cornichons on a brioche bun served with chippies $20.00AUD. This reminds me of the Prospect Burger from Prospect Espresso, I would say the Prospect Burger was more delicious than this Wagyu burger, not just the meat / taste, even the texture; PB’s brioche bun was very yummy as well. So, I would say PB wins. However, chips wise, this chippies was more tasty.       008


Ham Hock Benedict – poached eggs, smoked ham hock, hollandaise on multigrain bread $16.50AUD. This also reminds me of the Truffled Brioche from Prospect Espresso. The Truffled Brioche was great, however I prefer the bread from here, because the bread used in the Truffled Brioche was far too soft and buttery for me. This one was more dense feeling and crunchy.                                                     010

Nevertheless, still great food. We are blessed. 011


We were thinking of getting food from Fandango, but bad luck, it was not open today. So we went to Elceed instead…               IMG_9327

And we got the bacon and egg roll w/ mixed lettuce, tomato, and beetroot relish $12.50. It was really so-so. *not recommended* IMG_9330

Quote of the Day:

Never be afraid to try something new, because life gets boring when you stay within the limits of what you already know.

Seven Seeds

Breakfast place of the day                    003


Latte for me; the latte was a very light one, even lighter than Fandango.                                           006

Chai Latte for Mr. Choi; a very milky flavour chai.007

Mr. Choi’s breakfast, poached eggs on grain sourdough w/ bacon, chorizo and kasundi.  008

My breakfast was field mushrooms and sauted kale on toasted ciabatta w/ roast parsnip puree and poached eggs $16.50. The kale and parsnip puree were SO GOOD!                 009

A beautiful clean plate. We always finish our dishes, which I think it’s a very good thing. 010

It’s time to head to office.                                      005

Cinnamon Doughnut

Have not had this yummy for a while. Decided to have this as after lunch snack, to brighten up my office day.                                              IMG_9291

Quote of the Day:

In the end, we just regret the chances we didn’t take.

Prospect Espresso

Chai Latte $4.60AUD                              IMG_1949

Latte $4.60AUD                                          IMG_9226

Truffled Brioche – Sauteed mushrooms, asparagus, poached eggs w/ truffled hollandaise $17.50AUD                                                   IMG_9248

The Prospect Burger – House minced angus beef, free range bacon, cheese, pickles, lettuce, tomato sauce w/ mayo on a brioche bun served with chips & aioli $20.50AUDIMG_1950