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Afternoon Tea at Office.                        IMG_9189

Dinner Time                                               IMG_9203


Korean BBQ – Lots of Beef             IMG_9207


Kimchi Seafood Pancake                     IMG_9209

Egg and Cheese Omelette                      IMG_9210


Teriyaki Chicken Balls

Getting sushi burgers from J-Cafe.IMG_9180

This is a new dish, Teriyaki Chicken Balls $5.50AUD, smells SUPER nice! The taste is very good as well! *Recommended*  IMG_9182

Quote of the Day:

Be weird. Be random. Be who you are. Because you never know who would love the person you hide.

Axil Coffee Roasters

Brunch Time!                                            001




Latte $3.80 and Chai latte $4.00                                006

Zucchini, corn and haloumi fritters with poached egg, avocado, spinach and relish w/ house smoked trout $23.00                007

Spicy baked eggs with dukkah, Meredith feta and pumpkin sour dough toast w avocado and cheesy potato croquettes $25.50             008


Beef short rib burger $18.00                                                 010

House smoked trout on potato rosti w/ pickled baby vegetables, saffron emulsion & poached egg $20.00                              011

Ginger bread French toast w/ fresh figs, maple mascarpone and macadamia crisps $17.00012

Waffles w/ peanut butter parfait, banana, dark chocolate and candied popcorn $17.50  013

Quote of the Day:

Often in life, we forget the things we should remember, and remember the things we should forget.

D.O.C. Espresso

Entree is DOC Delicatessen selected cured meats & D.O.P Italian cheeses with bread. Small $15.90.                                                           IMG_9087

Main: Lasagne – traditional w/ meat sauce & bechamel $18.00 *Delicious*IMG_9091

Pasta of the Day – cherry tomato gnocchi – disappointment IMG_9093

Black Tagliolini w/ tiger prawns & vellutata of zucchini $22.00 *Yummy*IMG_9095


Dessert Time at Brunetti                      IMG_9097



Lemon Cheesecake $11.00 – relatively pricey. IMG_9100


Latte                                                                IMG_9105

Hot chocolate                                            IMG_9106



Lovely breakfast of the day.                 002

French Toast for Mr. Choi.                  004

Egg and bacon sandwich for myself. 005

Quote of the Day:

Just because you are not society’s idea of perfection, does not mean that you are not my idea of perfection.