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Lil Boy Blue

Been wanting to try out this place for a long time, finally we were here! 01


Mug-size Chai Latte $4.50AUD and Mug-size Latte $4.30AUD05

Breakkie Taco $14.00AUD – soft tacos w/ fried egg, Serrano de Trevelez ham, chilli tomato relish & goats feta. Both Mr. Choi and I thought the chilli tomato relish was very good! *just right*                                                           12

Poached & Crumbed Eggs w/ mushrooms, soldiers, salsa verde, pickled capsicum & goat curd $20.00AUD                                      16

Beautiful                                                     17

Quince & Chia $14.00AUD – sticky quince and chia seed pudding w/ chocolate souffle ice cream, vanilla bean custard, puffed Aztec grain praline chards. *delicious*                   IMG_2137

The ambiance of the place was very good and the food and coffee were great. From inside out, head to toe, this kitchen bar was an art piece. Will definitely come back.

Kofi Beans

Brunch place of the day: Kofi Beans – a Middle Eastern restaurant and coffee shop 01

Chai Latte                                                   02

Latte                                                           03

Steak Sandwich – tasted very good04


The chips were very delicious as well.06

Special risotto of the day – yummy!                     07

The food and coffee were both of very high quality. Highly recommend this place. It was our first time visit to the restaurant after reading so many positive feedback. It was a good food experience.

Quote of the Day:

What you allow is what will continue.

Banana Bread

Breakfast of the Day:

Banana Bread w/ fig cream & candied walnuts $11.00AUDIMG_9732

The presentation is very attractive, Fandango really has the sense of food presentation. Taste wise, I think it was average, guess because I am not a fan of fig fruits.

Roller Door Cafe

Lunch at Roller Door Cafe today. The place and food are very simple and nothing fancy, but the taste of the food is very good.  02

I got myself the Irish Breakfast Roll w/ fried egg, black pudding, grilled tomatoes, aioli & parmesan & bacon hash $16.00AUD. I love the black pudding and bacon hash, taste so good. Mr. Choi loves the roll a lot as well.04

Mr. Choi bought the Meatball Sub w/ meatballs, napoli & melted cheese $12.00AUD. This may be unattractive at all, but it tastes very yummy. We are both very content and full.      06

Quote of the Day:

Vision without action is daydream. Action without vision is nightmare.

Di Bella Coffee

Umm, which one should I get?           IMG_9694

Today, I am trying coffee from Di Bella. It’s alright, not bad. Apparently, Di Bella is quite near our office. Feel so blessed that there are so many good coffee and food around workplace.                                                  IMG_9695

Yes, I got the brownie. Mainly because Mr. Choi wants  a Brownie. The texture of this brownie is very soft, like mousse cake. Very soft texture mixed with chewing and crunchy nuts, it’s quite an interesting mix.                       IMG_9697

Quote of the Day:

I’m an idealist, I don’t know where I’m going, but I’m on my way. – Carl Sanburg

Aura – A 2nd Chance

Despite the fact that Aura did not impress me much on my first visit to the place, I decided to give Aura a second chance. One of the things that bothered me a bit was that even coffees would take awhile to come out at Aura. And for mains or dishes, it would take even longer.                                                          IMG_9688

Chai Latte and Latte $4.00ea                  IMG_9690

Big Breakfast                                                IMG_9692

French Toast                                               IMG_9692_1

The meal was okay; everything was quite average. The mushrooms and spinach were okay, the hash-brown $2.00 was quite a disappointment. The French Toast was a little too dry. I think I am done with Aura.                     IMG_9693

Irodori House

It was our first time visiting the place. When we entered the restaurant, there were no customer inside. We were like ‘oh my, maybe we made a bad decision of coming here…’. However, we sat in and ordered Takoyaki.                                                       IMG_2097

Agedashi Tofu                                           IMG_2100

Curry Pork Rice                                         IMG_2102

Since we were the only table, the dishes were out quite fast and the restaurant was quiet which we both liked it a lot as we could enjoy our meal. The food was better than what we were expected, yet if in comparison to Big Mama and J-Cafe, the place was fairly so-so. Nevertheless, we are glad that we tried this place, so whenever we want some quiet meal time, we know where to go.