Daily Archives: August 2, 2014

Percy’s Aeroplane

Wanted to try this place for months, and finally I am here today! 001




Latte in a Mug                                           007


French fruit toast w spiced blueberries, mascarpone cream, almonds & maple syrup $13.90AUD                                                    010

Wes’s favourite – sliced bacon, poached egg, avocado on a herb potato rosti w/ capsicum, anchovy and garlic sauce $18.50AUD011


Both the coffee and food are nice, yet the portion of the food is quite small. 015

The brownie tastes quite good. Crunchy and not dry and not too sweet. 016

Quote of the Day:

Remember, social comparison is the thief of happiness. You could spend a lifetime worrying about what others have, but it wouldn’t get you anything.