Daily Archives: August 31, 2014

Lil Boy Blue

Been wanting to try out this place for a long time, finally we were here! 01


Mug-size Chai Latte $4.50AUD and Mug-size Latte $4.30AUD05

Breakkie Taco $14.00AUD – soft tacos w/ fried egg, Serrano de Trevelez ham, chilli tomato relish & goats feta. Both Mr. Choi and I thought the chilli tomato relish was very good! *just right*                                                           12

Poached & Crumbed Eggs w/ mushrooms, soldiers, salsa verde, pickled capsicum & goat curd $20.00AUD                                      16

Beautiful                                                     17

Quince & Chia $14.00AUD – sticky quince and chia seed pudding w/ chocolate souffle ice cream, vanilla bean custard, puffed Aztec grain praline chards. *delicious*                   IMG_2137

The ambiance of the place was very good and the food and coffee were great. From inside out, head to toe, this kitchen bar was an art piece. Will definitely come back.