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Wagyu Burger

Afternoon Tea at The Premises     IMG_0097

Ordered a big cupcake and a big cup of chai latte.  Very relaxing.               IMG_0100

Dinner at Tank Fish & Chippery – missing the wagyu burger so much! IMG_0103

Ordered the beef burger and old school fish pack. It was a yummy and happy dinner. I love Tank Fish & Chippery!                IMG_2381

Top Paddock

The coffee was too light and gentle for me. I need a stronger latte please.IMG_0081

Their most popular dish – Blueberry & ricotta hotcake w/ berries, organic maple, seeds & double cream $18.00AUD – it was delicious, Mr. Choi and I liked it a lot!IMG_0082

Fresh Qld. soft-shell mud crab roll with a fennel & dill salad & lime mayonnaise in a brioche bun $21.00AUD                                     IMG_0084

Rangers Valley Wagyu steak sandwich with beetroot relish, tempura beetroot shoots, fresh horseradish & wasabi leaves $20.00AUD – YUMMY!IMG_2350

The cakes were nice as well. All the dishes tasted very good! *Recommended* Yet, location wise was not too convenient.          IMG_2354

Pancake Parlour Dinner

Brunch at Two Brothers                     002

I ordered Something Corny – buttered grilled multigrain, house creamed corn, poached eggs, green tomato chutney & candied green chilli $14.00AUD004

Mr. Choi ordered The Open BLT – thick cut toasted sourdough w/ grilled otways bacon, tomato, baby lettuce herb mix & beer battered chips $16.00AUD005

I didn’t really like the dried corn and was a bit disappointed with the overall taste of the dish, though the ambience of the restaurant was nice. The BLT was okay. 006

Dinner at Pancake Parlour                IMG_0064

My dinner – chicken *yummy*           IMG_0073

Mr. Choi’s mushroom beef. It was a nice meal.                 IMG_2342

Sushi Hon II

Finally off work, heading to dinner now! Food, I am coming. 01

Dinner is Sushi Hon                               02

Loving these sushi to bits.                  03





Someone is happy with his iPhone 6 Plus. IMG_0048

Sushi Hon

Dinner at Sushi Hon, Emporium. 001

The queue was fairly long, we waited for quite some time. My mouth was watering much while watching others enjoying the sushi. 003

This one was good!                               004


This one was very nice as well.    IMG_0002




The food quality was very high, every bite was a yummy bite.