Daily Archives: September 7, 2014

Lil Boy Blue II

After a bad brunch from yesterday, we needed some good quality food for our stomach. And thus we re-visited the Lil Boy Blue. I love this plant. It is such a great decor to be put near the windows.                    001

Chai Latte                                                 006

Salmon Gravalax w/ avocado & lime purée, crispy polenta discs & salad of tendrils, quinoa & poached egg, sour cream, mustard & dill dressing. Very yummy. 007


Soft Tacos – Chilli & lime prawn, avo smash, slaw & smoked paprika and Braised ox cheek with avo smash, remoulade, salsa verde & goats feta. The ox cheek one was delicious! Recommended.  The lime prawn has a much lighter taste / flavour, so if you prefer something light, then you’d like the prawn over the ox cheek.                                    013