Daily Archives: September 27, 2014

Pancake Parlour Dinner

Brunch at Two Brothers                     002

I ordered Something Corny – buttered grilled multigrain, house creamed corn, poached eggs, green tomato chutney & candied green chilli $14.00AUD004

Mr. Choi ordered The Open BLT – thick cut toasted sourdough w/ grilled otways bacon, tomato, baby lettuce herb mix & beer battered chips $16.00AUD005

I didn’t really like the dried corn and was a bit disappointed with the overall taste of the dish, though the ambience of the restaurant was nice. The BLT was okay. 006

Dinner at Pancake Parlour                IMG_0064

My dinner – chicken *yummy*           IMG_0073

Mr. Choi’s mushroom beef. It was a nice meal.                 IMG_2342