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Jam & Cream II

I was craving for pumpkin soup for days and yes we decided to have lunch at Jam & Cream today.                                                          001

We were sitting at the backyard this time as inside was all booked out.002


I ordered the pinwheel sandwiches. 005

And of course the pumpkin soup. 006

Mr. Choi ordered the Daisy golden syrup scones. They were so so good. Warm and soft; they were even better than the scones from Miss Marple’s Tearoom. The best scones in Melbourne.                                              007



Quote of the Day:

“Did you just fall?”

“No. I attacked the floor.”


“I’m freaking talented!”

Cumulus Inc.

Dinner at Cumulus Inc. tonight.IMG_3022


We ordered Clair de Lune Bouton, Moonlight en Surface, Petit Clair, The Rusty Wire, Label Rouge and Coffin Bay –  2 each. They were so fresh and super delicious! And yes, they were expensive as well.                                  IMG_3027

Baked chilli mussels, aioli $10AUD. IMG_3029

Tuna tartare w/ crushed green pes salad $32.00AUDIMG_3030

Special dish of the day $56.00AUD IMG_3033

Asparagus salad, fromage blanc & bottarga $14.00AUDIMG_3034

Ocean trout, buttermilk, cucumber, zucchini flowers & black olive $36.00AUDIMG_3035

Whole slow roast lamb shoulder to share $69.00AUDIMG_3039

Roast new season potatoes, confit garlic & sage $8.00AUDIMG_3040

The food was nice, in fact, they were delicious. But price wise, a bit too expensive, especially the Asparagus salad; the portion was tiny. Yet, glad that I checked out this place. I know where to go when I want to pamper my stomach.

Operator 25 II

Morning! We were back to Operator 25 for breakfast again this morning. This time we were sitting at the other side of the cafe. 001




I ordered a large latte again $4.50AUD. 005

I ordered the Breakfast Tortilla filled with Scrambled Egg, Mixed Mushrooms, Aged Cheddar and Green Harissa (V) $16.00AUD                            006

I liked it, but I did not like the tortilla, was a little hard / dry. 007

Mr. Choi had the House Benedict ‒ Potato Rosti, Grandmother Lamb Ham, Poached Eggs, Mustard and Tarragon Hollandaise $16.00AUD008

He just liked it very much.                  009

It was a beautiful meal before 8 hrs of work.               010

This was the wall art behind me.IMG_3020

Quote of the Day:

“be strong,”

I whispered to my wifi signal.

5 Lire

Life is short. Smile while you still have teeth.


Breakfast at 5 Lire. This place was new, only opened like 6 weeks ago.002




I ordered the Bruschetta of whipped ricotta, roast tomatoes & basil pesto on sourdough w/ Prosciutto $18.00AUD                            006

Mr. Choi ordered the Ricotta hotcakes vanilla mascarpone, poached pear, dark chocolate & roasted hazelnuts $14.50AUD            007

I would say there were surprises in both dishes. They were not some normal / typical flavours, which were quite interesting. The Bruschetta was okay to me, yet the hotcakes was totally not Mr. Choi’s cup of tea, though the pear was interesting.                    008

Operator 25

Breakfast at Operator 25.                   001

A huge bowl of coffee $4.50AUD                         003

The coffee was nice.                              004

House Benedict – Potato rosti, grandmother lamb ham, poached eggs, mustard and Tarragon hollandaise $16.00AUD 005

This was so so nice! Highly recommended. 006

Mr. Choi ordered the French Omelette on Toast $16.00AUD. This was nice as well, just we were  shocked by the house benedict of how amazingly delicious it was. 007


Quote of the Day:

I am not clumsy. It’s just the floor hates me, the tables and chairs are bullies, and the wall gets in the way.

Miss Marie

Brunch at a new place today.             IMG_0857


I ordered the Big Brekkie – 2 eggs, bacon, oven roasted tomatoes, spinach, mushrooms, Italian sausage & housemade relish on sourdough $17.90AUD IMG_0825

Mr. Choi got the Pork Belly Burger w/ pickled cabbage, lettuce, tomato, shichimi mayo & chips w/ chilli aioli $16.50AUD           IMG_0826

The food was okay, slightly better than Aura, I think, yet the place was packed and we had to wait for 15 minutes.                      IMG_0827

Quote of the Day:

I am not lazy. I am just on my energy saving mode.

Sushi Hon III


Dinner at Sushi Hon tonight!              IMG_0785








I am done!                                                IMG_0798

Quote of the Day:

I told my boss 3 companies were after me and I needed a raise to stay at my present job. He asked which 3 companies were interested. I said, the gas, electric and cable.