Daily Archives: November 20, 2014

Operator 25 II

Morning! We were back to Operator 25 for breakfast again this morning. This time we were sitting at the other side of the cafe. 001




I ordered a large latte again $4.50AUD. 005

I ordered the Breakfast Tortilla filled with Scrambled Egg, Mixed Mushrooms, Aged Cheddar and Green Harissa (V) $16.00AUD                            006

I liked it, but I did not like the tortilla, was a little hard / dry. 007

Mr. Choi had the House Benedict ‒ Potato Rosti, Grandmother Lamb Ham, Poached Eggs, Mustard and Tarragon Hollandaise $16.00AUD008

He just liked it very much.                  009

It was a beautiful meal before 8 hrs of work.               010

This was the wall art behind me.IMG_3020

Quote of the Day:

“be strong,”

I whispered to my wifi signal.