Daily Archives: November 21, 2014

Cumulus Inc.

Dinner at Cumulus Inc. tonight.IMG_3022


We ordered Clair de Lune Bouton, Moonlight en Surface, Petit Clair, The Rusty Wire, Label Rouge and Coffin Bay –  2 each. They were so fresh and super delicious! And yes, they were expensive as well.                                  IMG_3027

Baked chilli mussels, aioli $10AUD. IMG_3029

Tuna tartare w/ crushed green pes salad $32.00AUDIMG_3030

Special dish of the day $56.00AUD IMG_3033

Asparagus salad, fromage blanc & bottarga $14.00AUDIMG_3034

Ocean trout, buttermilk, cucumber, zucchini flowers & black olive $36.00AUDIMG_3035

Whole slow roast lamb shoulder to share $69.00AUDIMG_3039

Roast new season potatoes, confit garlic & sage $8.00AUDIMG_3040

The food was nice, in fact, they were delicious. But price wise, a bit too expensive, especially the Asparagus salad; the portion was tiny. Yet, glad that I checked out this place. I know where to go when I want to pamper my stomach.