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Seven Seeds III

Yes! Last day of work!                            001

Breakfast at Seven Seeds!                002

Stong Latte $4.00AUD                         004

Hot Chocolate $4.50AUD                   005_1


They did not have the normal menu, only a short list of simple breakfasts. I ordered the Brioche French toast w/ blood plum curd, nectarines and vanilla labne $16.00AUD007

And Handmade crumpets w/ mint infused cream, chocolate ganache, fresh strawberries and chilli $15.00AUD. The French Toast was good, but the mint infused cream was shocking…I thought it was going to be okay, as I am okay with mint choc. But it was a big ‘NO’, guess I over-estimated myself.                           010

For dinner, we went to Big Mama! IMG_1799



Quote of the Day:

Hello. I’m the happiness fairy. I’ve sprinkled happy dust on you.

Just 1 More Day

Just one more day then it’s CHRISTMAS HOLIDAY! Holiday mood already.IMG_1759

My new cooking adventure – pumpkin rice. Pumpkin has many health benefits, such as lowering and preventing high blood pressure, preventing asthma, lowering cancer risk and because of its extremely high vitamin A content – it gives you healthy looking skin and hair.                                                                         IMG_1765

I thought it was difficult to soften the pumpkins, but apparently was not difficult at all. Yet, I bought the wrong type of pumpkin, I bought the butternut, which people use it to make pumpkin soup. Oh well, because of all the health benefits, we’d finish all the rice. IMG_1768

Quote of the Day:

I don’t know any perfect people, only really really flawed people who are still worth loving.


Di Bella V

Finally it was the final work week of 2014! Many of the cafes were closed already. We went to Di Bella for some breakfast.           IMG_1740


Hash browns – double-smoked free range ham, poached eggs, hollandaise $19.00AUD It was good, but Operator 25’s house benedict was better. IMG_1743

Roast pork and jalapeno melt w/ gouda cheese, saffron mayonnaise on focaccia $15.50AUD                                              IMG_1745


Quote of the Day:

What screws us up most in life is the picture in our head of how it is supposed to be.


DFO Shopping

Brunch at Lolo and Wren Cafe.     IMG_1719



Crispy Croque Monsieur – shaved leg ham, Swiss cheese, cheese & chive cream, coated in crisp breadcrumbs and fried. Served with homemade tomato relish $17.00AUDIMG_1726

Chicken Chori-pan – seared chicken escalopes, grilled chorizon & cheese melt w/ smashed avo, baby spinach, red onion, garlic aioli and tomato and chill relish served on a soft brioche roll w/ potatas bravas $19.50AUDIMG_1727_1

4 hours of happy shopping!!                                   IMG_3476

Quote of the Day:

If you are running on the treadmill next to me, the answer is YES…we are racing.


Big Mama V

Heading to dinner – Big Mama. IMG_1687

BBQ Pork                                                  IMG_1694

Cheese Tteokbokki                               IMG_1695

Agedashi Tofu                                          IMG_1696

Soba Salad                                               IMG_1698

Yummy and full!                                    IMG_3466

Quote of the Day:

Some people are like magnets; magnets for human interaction, energy, light, chemistry, intrigue, sex, adventures, words and wonder.


Operator 25 III


Large latte $4.00AUD                            004

Chai latte $4.00AUD                              005


House benedict $16.00AUD                 007

Matcha and white chocolate hot cakes, black sesame mascarpone, banana chips, toasted hazelnut and cherry sauce $15.00AUD008

The house benedict is a must order dish, you’d love it!  The matcha hot cake was so-so, a little bit too heavy and the black sesame mascarpone was not that black sesame.010

Quote of the Day:

When I exercise, I wear all black. It’s like a funeral for my fat.