Daily Archives: December 24, 2014

Seven Seeds III

Yes! Last day of work!                            001

Breakfast at Seven Seeds!                002

Stong Latte $4.00AUD                         004

Hot Chocolate $4.50AUD                   005_1


They did not have the normal menu, only a short list of simple breakfasts. I ordered the Brioche French toast w/ blood plum curd, nectarines and vanilla labne $16.00AUD007

And Handmade crumpets w/ mint infused cream, chocolate ganache, fresh strawberries and chilli $15.00AUD. The French Toast was good, but the mint infused cream was shocking…I thought it was going to be okay, as I am okay with mint choc. But it was a big ‘NO’, guess I over-estimated myself.                           010

For dinner, we went to Big Mama! IMG_1799



Quote of the Day:

Hello. I’m the happiness fairy. I’ve sprinkled happy dust on you.