Cooking Adventure: 蜜糖鬆餅

I have been watching Dimcook Guide for quite sometime, and today we decided to make the 蜜糖鬆餅. Below were the things we used to make the 鬆餅.001

Trial One:                                                    002


It looked like 菠蘿包Pineapple bun  004

Guess because we microwaved the butter because it was too hard to mix and blend with the flour and sugar, so the 鬆餅 turned out like pineapple bun.  But the texture was there, crispy on the outside like biscuits and soft cake texture inside.005

Trial Two:                                                 005_21

We did not microwave the butter this time; it’d be easier to mix and blend the butter if have taken it out 1hr before hand.                                                   006


Wa-lah! This looked much better! Exactly like the ones Dimcook Guide made.010

Tasted good too!                                    012


Quote of the Day:

Just remember there is someone out there that is more than happy with less than what you have.


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