The Maling Room

Latte                                                          001


Chai Latte                                                 003

Salmon Breakfast – New Zealand king smoked salmon served with a fresh herb salad tossed w/ dill & mustard dressing, salmon caviar, grilled asparagus, lemon salt & 63 degree eggs $17.50                                               004

Steak Sandwich – aged scotch fillet, truffle butter, rocket, seeded mustard, gruyere & homemade onion jam served on a warm ciabatta $17.50008

Chipotle Eggs – corn tortillas quesadillas w/ tasty cheese & smoked ham, topped with fried eggs drizzled w/ signature house smoked chipotle sauce $17.50010

Quote of the Day:

Trust that when the answer is No. There’s a better Yes down the road.

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