Tao’s Restaurant

Chef’s assorted seasonal platterIMG_0850

Vegetarian koonyaku sashimi w/ yu-zu dressing IMG_0851

Wagyu beef tataki w/ ginger onion IMG_0852_1

Charcoal tempura tiger prawn w/ fa-fu dressingIMG_0853_1

Pork belly shabu-shabu w/ goma sauceIMG_0854

Special of the day                                  IMG_0855_1

Cream of mushroom soup and creamy pumpkin soupIMG_0857

Slow cook beef osso buco w/ chilli tomatoIMG_0858_1

Sizzling boneless chicken w/ BBQ sauceIMG_0859_1

Sous-vide salmon w/ ginger onionIMG_0860_1

Marinated rack of lamb w/ mint sauceIMG_3127

Green tea tiramusu, creme brulee and black sesame ice creamIMG_3135

Quote of the Day:

Never allow waiting to become a habit. Live your dreams and take risks. Life is happening now.

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