Day 49: Immunisation

Milk drunk                                                 

Having a good nap before immunisation 

One on the right thigh                        

and one on the left thigh plus an oral medicine 

Quote of the Day:

You were born with the ability to change someone’s life. Don’t ever waste it.


Day 46: Cranky Baby

They say week 6 – week 8 is when baby cries the most. 

It is normal that your baby cries a little more; no need to be too stressed out about it.            

There are also some calm moments for you to take a break. 

Quote of the Day:

If you can’t find a reason to laugh every day, you are taking life too seriously.


Day 45: Independence

Midwife said need to train her to be more independent that she should be able to fall asleep in her cot by herself or with some of my help; no more falling asleep in our arms or on our chest.                                              

Quote of the Day:

It was love at every sight.